Welcome to the The Swift Learner! My name is Jason Pike and I’m a professional software developer and enthusiast. Currently, I work at EBSCO Industries as a Software Developer in Test (SDET).

After working as a professional software developer for many years, I decided to take on the SDET role as a means for learning how to write even better code. Let me explain. I have always strived to produce succinct, maintainable, blazing fast code. Sure, I had dabbled in metrics gathered by static analyzers and written thousands of unit tests, but I really wanted a role focused on the quality of the code.

Building reliable, maintainable automation engines (libraries that simulate user interaction with a software product) has been a significant and challenging part of the SDET experience. Also, it is undeniable that learning how to isolate code through mocking and other dependency breaking techniques has given me one of the greatest advances in my career.

The purpose of this blog is manyfold, but the main purpose is in the title: learn. By sharing what I discover with you, I am able to give back to the software developer community that has given so much to me. Also, by taking the time to carefully explain what I’ve learned, I’ll recognize and fill gaps in my own understanding. I hope that you will find something helpful or interesting and be able to contribute, too, so that we help each other in our journey to become better programmers.

As you may have gathered from the title of this blog, I’ll be spending a lot of my time writing about Swift. I’m very excited about Apple’s new language and I’m looking forward to sharing all the tips and tricks I’ve discovered for writing solid Swift code.