Who the lit the fire?

It had been my intention for years to create a blog so that I could share all the interesting things I was learning in my software development career. For whatever reason, I never mustered the required energy to follow through. Enter John Sonmez of simpleprogrammer.com and his free email course on how to start your own blog.

John’s course lays out everything you need to know, step-by-step, to get your blog started and on its way to success. Setting up the blog, in the unadulterated words of Saliva, was as simple as “click, click, boom!” (as I typed that, I felt the immediate need to apologize.) After getting things set up, he shows you how to prepare so that it is easier to maintain momentum as you build your content. And, finally, he shares some tips on how to grow your audience. The coolest part, in my opinion, was the personal encouragement I received from John. What a guy!

I am also about halfway through John’s new book, Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual, and recommend it to any software developer looking to up their career game. (And who doesn’t want to do that?) The book is very accessible and chock-full of information that I really wish I had 10 years ago; don’t worry, the information is every bit as valuable today.

  • “It had been my intention for years to create a blog so that I could share all the interesting things I was learning in my software development career.” – That had been my intention as well and I am subscribed to John´s course and I hope to be blogging soon. Success!

    • Great, Eduardo! I have found John’s advice to be invaluable. I look forward to seeing your blog take shape.

  • I took the course too. I highly recommend it. I had a domain and hosting from the same people he recommends already. I had my domain name and wasn’t doing anything with it for I guess, maybe 5 or 6 years? Something like that. I also recommend, if you are a Lynda.com member, to take their course on WordPress essential training. It really helped me along quite a bit. Also, if you do, or even if you don’t take the course, get the Jetpack plugin. It has EVERYTHING you could hope for. I personally love the stats page. I have had over 400 visitors in one week. Just want to say congrats on going through the course and reiterate your sentiments. For the guy that’s taking the course, follow through with it. I have an app on the app store, and if I had a blog that people were reading regularly 2 years ago, I might have made a substantial amount more money on it. I won’t shamelessly plug my app here. But if you check out my blog, you’ll see it listed. Soon you’ll see my next one listed as well.

    Really nice looking blog and content from what I’ve seen so far.


    • Thanks for your comment and compliments! I don’t have a Lynda account, yet. You aren’t the first to recommend it to me, though, so I’m thinking I should probably get one. The rest of your tips are helpful as well! I definitely need to spend some time on the blog’s aesthetics.

    • Hey Darrell – what’s your blog so others can check it out? I’m interested in following other blogging course graduates to see how they get on and what topics they’re blogging specifically about

  • Great to see you keeping up with the regular blogging Jason!

    Have you decided on a niche yet?

    • Thanks, James. I haven’t really found a niche yet. I’ve been blogging mostly about Swift (even though I regularly write code in C#, Java, and Python), but I know I’ll eventually need to narrow it down further. Programming about a language is much to broad.

      I notice you have a blog as well. I’ll be sure to check out http://devangst.com/!